RIP Rivas

Rivas in The Big RO permanently closed its doors after dinner last night.  I wish those nice people good luck and happiness in whatever they do.   After 25 years, they deserve it.

Now, if I am being completely honest, I never cared for Rivas. In my opinion, you cannot beat The Fort when it comes to Mexican food. From the uber casual Granny’s Tacos to the hip Torchy’s and the classic Joe T’s or The Original, the authentic to Tex Mex, the hole in the walls to the fanciful made to impress, we have it all. If you are able to drive, I cannot for the life of me grasp why Rivas would be the choice for your dining experience.

Having said that, I went there last night.

I don’t know why. I guess it was one absolute final shot to prove myself wrong. I wanted nothing more than to be wrong all those years.

But I was right. It was not good.

Everything tasted the same and was smothered in some kind of bland sauce. The bean chalupa was ok, but its kind of hard to eff that up. I ordered some corn tortillas and butter to satisfy my hunger. My heart sank when they tossed a couple small not-real-butters on the table.

When going to the counter to pay, I turned to check out the mural behind me.

© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

Murals are so cool to me. I find they always tell a story and quite often, there are small secret details. They either expose that secret or you leave pondering what it all means.

So, I’m looking at this and I see a ship, a butterfly, a man and his little dog by the boat on the shore to the left. I was feeling quite tranquil.

Them BAM!  I was hit with anxiety and urgency when I saw this:

© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

Holy Shit!  WTF?


My jaw dropped and I tensed up. I was dumbfounded. Of all the stuff going on in this mural, there was nothing more important than this one small tiny itty bitty detail. I couldn’t believe these nice people have this on their wall.

I collected my thoughts. If I was a pessimist, I would stick to the story that this dude either commuted suicide or those other guys threw him off the bridge while he was wearing concrete shoes.

I am going with his friends bet him $50 to jump in the water – he lived – he went home and changed out of his wet clothes – they all went and spent that $50 on some good Mexican food. He earned the reputation of being a fearless bad ass. He became a food critic and a New York Times best selling author of a book on how to overcome your fears. He married a hot chick that was fun and she cooked. They lived a most interesting life.

Yep. I like that one.

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