A Night In Dallas

My friend Michelle Sherman and I started our vacation on Tuesday. We had a 6:00 am flight out of Love Field on Wednesday morning. Instead of making the long early morning jaunt from The Fort, I Pricelined the Warwick Melrose Hotel at Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs and we began vacation in Dallas.

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The hotel is fantastic. You can feel the history just oozing through the walls of this place. From the lobby mixed with ornate original decor with some modern flower arrangements to the piano bar up to the rooms, there is much to see and plenty of places to explore . I am a sucker for a good logo and theirs have griffons on it.  If you prefer a more modern and/or trendy atmosphere, this is not the place for you.

© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

I haven’t been to the Cedar Springs area since the mid 1990’s. I have heard it affectionately referred to as many things:

  • Uptown
  • Cedar Springs
  • The Gayborhood
  • Butt Town
  • The part near the Turtle Creek area
  • Down the road from The Scottish Rite Hospital

There is a highly concentrated LGBT population in the area. No way will that go unnoticed. So if you have an open mind, you are curious, or you just flat out don’t care one way or the other, come enjoy the cool shopping, great restaurants and super friendly bars and nonpretentious clubs in this neighborhood. Seriously, I am the world’s worst dancer. I can come to the clubs here and bust out with my best dance moves (which are so atrociously heinous) and feel talented like Jennifer Lopez when she was a Fly Girl – there is not one damn person looking at me or judging me.

Robert was kind enough to give us a lift to the hotel. Then we all met up with Joe Porter, one of my best friends from high school.

We started out with dinner at Hunky’s. I great place for burgers, really good fried pickles, and hands down the best chili cheese dog ever. The Vanilla Coke is nothing short of a little magic. Totally chill.

© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

Next, we went across the street to Zephyrs. Avoid the coffee drinks and run, not walk, to the desserts. We all got something different and everyone sampled a bit of each one.

  • Peanut Butter Pie
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake
  • Pecan Pie Cake
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

They all had their own merit, but I am going to go out on a limb and say the Pecan Pie Cake was my favorite. Come on. It is pie AND cake and has a ton of butter in it. I was able to talk to the man that made this luscious fat ass delight and he was wearing a hat like the men of New Orleans wear with their seersucker suits and we talked sweet stuff and how could I not have fun?  To top it off, the place is totally eclectic and charming and the bathroom has the prettiest blue stained door I have ever seen.

Next, we were off to Sue Ellen’s for Tuesday Tease, a variety Burlesque-Esque show.
Before it started I got a frozen drink at the bar that had citrus, margarita, a little Blue Curaçao and a big ass shot of something. It was yellow. It had enough in it that I was a little warm and talkative and went back to the bar and told the bartender she made good Yellow. Then when Joe would go back he would see if I wanted more Yellow since he was going up there. I was on the patio and someone asked what they should get and I practically talked them into getting Yellow. I could have had 2. It could have been 10. Whatever. I was warm and happy.

The show was great for many reasons. FREE!  Funny, cool, some of it mesmerizing, completely entertaining.

© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

I may have only gotten less than 2 hours of sleep last night and I have a bit of a hangover. Somebody on this plane stinks. But I think this vacay is off to a great start.

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