Uber & Love Field

2:30 am sure does come early when you get in at midnight from a night out.

In that 2.5 hours, I slept maybe 40 minutes. I walked around the hotel and I was excited about vacation.

At 3:45 we Ubered a ride from the Warwick Melrose to Love Field.

Noel was our driver. He was really cool and his full-time job was at a hotel. We had Hotel Talk and Hooker Talk. I learned a lot and for the duration of my vacation, I could pick a John out of the guests at all my hotels.  We made it to the airport in $7.

This was bound to happen. I prefer Dallas Love Field to DFW.

  • My 2 favorite domestic airlines are located here – Virgin America and Southwest
  • Love Field is much smaller and easier to navigate
  • Food options are better at Love Field
  • Plenty of places to get your phone charged

Funny things happened on the way to the gate.

After self-check in and self-bag-tag, I thought it wise to have 1 more ciggy (nasty effing habit) before boarding my plane.  I saw a man with a Love Field uniform on and asked him where the appropriate place to light up would be and when he answered me, he sounded just like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade.  I wanted to hear him again so I asked him to repeat it since I did not hear him that well.  He did.  He started to walk off. Unfortunately, I heard him but I was not listening.  I had to kind of hang out until someone else walked by to ask the same thing.  While that guy was answering me, BBT in SB looked back at me to see if I had moved.  I am sure he thought I was equally stupid and a little scary.


Then, when I got to my gate an older woman walked off and left her coffee.  I stopped her and asked her if she wanted it.  She said yes and a whole bunch of other stuff that I didn’t hear because I shit you not, she sounded like a female version of Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade.

I went into the restroom and splashed cool water on my face as I feared this had to be a dream and I was still at the Warwick Melrose sleeping and I would miss my plane.

They were calling for everyone to board.  I was kind of excited because I reckoned I was about to be served mustard and biscuits and them french fried potaters.  Instead, I got peanuts (honey roasted) and a pack of belVita (belVita calls themselves biscuits).  I was pretty cool with that.  It left me mustard and ketchup free and no possible way to get it on my shirt.

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