Summerlin, NV

The Las Vegas Strip is not actually in Las Vegas.  It is in Paradise, NV.

Summerlin is an area in Las Vegas.  Not close to the Strip (but not far by Texas standards), it seems like another world.  That’s a good thing.

Summerlin has several cool bars and restaurants within an easy drive.  We chose to lunch at Three Angry Wives.  A traditional Irish Pub, the place is dark and makes you want a pint as soon as you walk in the door.  Not fancy, a nice large bar, several TVs, tables and ample comfy seating for eating, drinking, or just hanging out.  You can get real comfortable here, real quick.

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I asked our server, Lorissa, how the pub got its name.  She told me that 3 friends in college wanted to open a pub right after graduation.  When one of their other friends found out he told them, “You know you are going to have 3 angry wives, right?”  The pub was named and their 14-year mark is this September.

The menu is pretty vast.  My friend had a meatloaf sandwich and at the suggestion of Lorissa, I went for the traditional Fish and Chips.  The sandwich was tasty, the meatloaf was homemade and it was large.  The Fish and Chips were just as you would expect them to be in Europe – hot, fresh, crispy, flaky, extremely satisfying.  I know I will get a craving for them in about another week.  It was right at 11:00 am and I should have had a Guinness or 3 to go with that, but sometimes it takes a while to wind down and realize you are on vacation and normal lunch rules don’t apply.

3AW Fish and Chips
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I needed a restful day of quiet and peace.  I stayed at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa.  It’s a lovely hotel with views of Red Rock Canyon and a fantastic pool.  Believe it or not, there is wildlife there – rabbits, hummingbirds, lizards and I am sure several things I didn’t see.  The property has small creeks, waterfalls, art, pretty plants and trees. It is very relaxing and you feel like you are on a luxurious nature retreat.


The pool was fabulous.  One big waterfall, plenty of chairs, a bar, food, and anything else you may need.  When you get your towels at the front gate, be sure to ask for a pool noodle.

JWM Pool
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I met some really cool people from California when we exiled ourselves to the Smoking Area and we had a blast for like 2 hours.  We laughed, told stories, gave each other travel tips – it was really fun.

We went back to the room at the end of the afternoon and discussed dinner plans.

Aside from breakfast, Blue Mesa Brunch and Parton’s Pizza, I am really not a buffet kind of person.  It’s OK every once in a while, but it’s not my first choice.  But, we decided to make it easy on ourselves and just stay at the hotel that evening and go to the Buffet.

I am a fool for Rice Krispy Treats and theirs were drizzled in dark chocolate so I was over-the-moon happy.  Everything else was pretty basic fare.  It was Seafood Night, so everything was very … it was … it was fishy.

Fishy Buffet is so unappealing to me.  The Smell.  I don’t know how long it has been sitting.  There is not an ocean anywhere near there so, how fresh is it?  I was doing OK until I looked up from my plate to see an entire room of people with mounds of crab legs in front of them – the cracking noises, the slurping sounds, the sucking the meat out, the liquid dripping from their chins when they did so.  I stuffed one last Rice Krispy Treat into my mouth so I couldn’t hear anything but the snap crackle and pop of it as I made a swift exit.

OK, so no more Seafood Buffet, EVER.

Aside from that one thing, I FREAKIN LOVE THIS PLACE.  If I need some pool time, Southwest has a fare for $60 each way or less from Dallas, I will pack a carry-on and get here as fast as I can.  Next time I come to Vegas, I will stay here.  It is an inexpensive getaway.  It doesn’t feel like Vegas at all.  It feels miles away.  It is exactly where I wanted to be.

And . . . their logo is a Griffin.

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