Fort Worth – This is Texas, Y’all

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Texas.  We have it all.  Big cities, small towns, country.  World class museums, hole in the wall restaurants.  Better Mexican food than Mexico.  Canyons, beaches, swamps, deserts, the Hill Country.  It is hotter than fire, but we get some snow too.

Austin keeps it weird.  Dallas lives large and thinks big.  Houston is the city of no limits.  Texarkana is twice as nice.  El Campo is the pearl of the prairie.

You go to a foreign country and the locals know you are American.  When they ask where you are from and you say Texas, all of a sudden you are 1,000,000 times interesting.  They even know the shape of the state.

Today, we are going to talk about my hometown of Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, in my opinion, is the perfect example of Texas, and its best-kept secret.

We are laid back and chill.  We have some of the richest people in the US living here and yet pretentiousness is something that does not come naturally.

What does come naturally is wearing a cowboy hat and boots around town.  If you tried to do that anywhere else, people would think you were in a costume.

Peters Brothers
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

You should see how cool the Tarrant County Court House is.  And Bass Hall.  And the Flat Iron Building, the cattle drive mural, the Water Gardens and The T&P Building.

© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

Our cops drive fast cars and they ride horses.

Downtown, Sundance Square stays busy even on the weekends when people don’t have to come to work.

We have an impressive  Museum District.

  • You can get your Michelangelo on (his first painting to enter an American collection) and your Picasso on (in a few places).
  • You can learn how cowgirls worked just as hard and were just as tough as cowboys and way prettier doing it.
  • The dinosaurs at the Science and History Museum are so lifelike; you will step around them as to not get killed and viciously ripped apart by big sharp teeth while they thrash you around.  It’s freakin terrifying, but totally come see them.


Fort Worthians love their animals.

  • We have one of the top 5 zoos in the country.  The Fort Worth Zoo conservation efforts go from local to worldwide in over 30 countries.
  • The Trinity Park Duck Pond ducks and geese are happily rotund.
  • Dog parks, rescues, and specialty stores abound.
  • The Nature Center is a 3,000-acre preserve with miles of hiking trails where big buffalo, alligators, deer, and birds can be found if you are in the right place at the right time.  There is an education center there where you can learn about snakes too.  You need to know your snakes.


FW Zoo Lion
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

There is just so much more.  I could seriously go on for days.  So, I will come back to it every once in a while.

Fort Worth.  Panther City.  Funky Town.  The Fort.  Cowtown.  Where the West Begins.

I love it here.  I am content here.  I am home.

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