T2 – Trainspotting

I am Generation X.

I remember the first time I saw Trainspotting back in the 90’s.

Those were exciting times.

The music was changing and everything happening in the movie was happening in or around my life at that time. Maybe not as extreme, but I could still relate. The tragedies and the bad decisions and the good decisions and falling in love and the trying new things and trying to find yourself. The dreaming big. Real big.  And trying to get away from the things that cause you harm or cause you to cause others harm.

These guys from Trainspotting were trying to live life the best they could, as fast as they could, to the extreme.

I saw T2 – Trainspotting yesterday and once again the movie resonated with something deep inside of me.

Bigby, Mark, Spud, and Simon are reunited after 20 years. They are older now and look a bit more mature, yet not unrecognizable. They are living with the effects of age, but still, act and feel young. Not too many things have changed for some of them, but they are all still trying to get it right. And they still dream big.

Edinburgh plays a huge role too. Each character living in the present sees themselves as younger (as far back as grade school) in certain parts of the city.

The music is like a character and conducts the paces of the scenes. The newer sounds blare and Underworld’s “Born Slippy” sounds great slower and quieter, which 20 years ago you wouldn’t have dreamed it.

Every member of the cast seems to be wanting to correct the past. They find it difficult to correct the present to make an easier future.

Director Danny Boyle’s direction is brilliant and is as visually enticing as it was the first time around with many similarities.

If you like the first one, definitely see this one.


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