Texas State Cemetery – Austin, Texas

I try to visit at least one cemetery every place I go.  They are full of history, impressive art and it gives you a little time to reflect or ponder life or to simply honor the lives of the deceased.

I went on an EARLY morning road trip and BBQ run with Karen, Frank and Sookie to Franklin Barbecue in Austin.

After waiting in line for about 3 hours we were told we may or may not get in that day so we threw in the towel and left.

It was still early in the morning and we decided to go to The Texas State Cemetery and The Texas State Capital.

Tx St Sem 9
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The Cemetery is not massive in size, but once inside it is blissfully peaceful and quite impressive. Plenty of shade helps keep you cool. Reading the gravestones of the notable Texans buried there fills you with a sense of pride and makes you glad you too are Texan.

Tx St Sem 8
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Stephen F. Austin, Alamo hero and the city’s namesake, is buried here.

Tx St Sem 4
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The legendary Dallas Cowboys Coach Tom Landry is honored here. Interred in Dallas, his family had a cenotaph erected.

Tx St Sem 7
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The great Ann Richards is buried here. I loved this woman. She was a firecracker. When asked what she would have done if she would have known she was a 1 term Governor, she replied,”I would have raised more hell.”  She raised plenty while in office. In the middle of the night with a full film crew in tow, she led a raid on a nursing home that had several reports of abuse. She was going to have none of that, not on her watch.  She was on the cover of Texas Monthly in white leather with fringe on a pearl and chrome Harley.

Tx St Sem 6
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Ann Ricahrds

The cemetery has a piece of The World Trade Center from 9/11 in tribute to the Texans that perished during that day in New York City.

Tx St Sem 5

Before you go it is a good idea to go through the Interactive map on the website.  If you decide to take a spontaneous go at it, you will still get plenty out of it.

Tx St Sem 2
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Make a point to see this one. As far as cemeteries go, it is a big deal.

Tx St Sem 3
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Texas State Cemetery

909 Navasota Street

Austin, Texas 78702

(512) 463-0605  

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