St. Michael’s Church – Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not so much a walking city as it is a city for those that like to wander. Everywhere you look; left, right, forward, behind you, or straight up, there is something beautiful to see.

Rich in history, music, and art of all medias, this city captivates me.

I love it when this happens.

Kathy and I were walking around the Hofburg Palace gate when we literally stumbled across this church. I’ve got to be honest with you, it is hard for me to walk a straight line here. I constantly found myself doing, what my friend Karen calls ‘Magic Z’s’. I am supposed to be going from Point A to Point B but I get distracted and go in all directions.

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I noticed 2 massive angels, one with a sword, on top of the roof above this church door. The one wielding the sword was Michael and he was slaying Lucifer.

The Archangel Michael is a warrior angel of the highest rank. One of the 2 archangels named in the Bible, he is said to defend in spiritual battles while being in total submission to God. In other words, he is super tough and loves God. He is usually portrayed with a sword and or shield, is beautiful, with a full wingspan, and a strong confident physique. He also serves as our protector. And believe me, you want this guy on your side.

Saint Michael’s Church is not as widely visited as Saint Stephen’s Church located across town. There were only about 6 visitors, including us, when we went.

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This Catholic Church dates back 8 centuries. In 1217 it was consecrated and hasn’t changed since 1792.

The art is exceptional. You could lose yourself in it. It humbles you and is larger than life.

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There is a door that leads to a crypt which we didn’t enter because we weren’t sure if we were allowed.  I found out later you have to go on a tour to go in.  The environment of the crypts is unusual in that the bodies don’t decompose in them. About 4,000 people were buried here. You can still see coffins with flowers or skulls.  There are also mummified corpses, some of them in their baroque fancy clothes and wigs.

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Some things were so old you weren’t sure what they were, but you knew they were significant.

The towering alter piece called Fall of the Angels (1782) by Karl Georg Merville is both beautiful and then it gets a little terrifying near the bottom. Made of alabaster and gold, it pulls you like a magnet as soon as you walk in the door.  Michael is in the center commanding the battle and even cherubs are in on the action.

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The gilded pipe organ (1714) was once played by Joseph Haydn at age 17 in 1749. The first time the completed part of Mozart’s Requiem was played was for the composer’s own memorial held at this church on December 10, 1791.

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I even found a couple of unicorns here.

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St. Michael’s Church (Michaelerkirche)

Michaelerplatz , 1010 Wien

+43 1 533 80 00

+43 650 533 8003

Location:  48.20801, 16.36701

Many thanks to Lanetta Addy for editing.

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