Their Finest

One of this summer’s big blockbusters, Dunkirk, hits theaters this Friday.

I love the story of Dunkirk.

SPOILER ALERT – Sort of. It is history, after all.

During World War II, from May 26th – June 4th, 1940, there were British, Canadian and Dutch Allied soldiers trapped at the French Dunkirk harbor with Nazis advancing on land behind them and the English Channel in front of them.  From the ocean, German bombers were hitting the destroyers that were trying to save them. The soldiers on the beach were getting hit and there was nowhere safe to take refuge. In the air, dogfights ensued.

Word about it got back to England.

With whatever they had – over 800 fishing boats, lifeboats, personal sea craft – citizens took it up a call to arms to cross the channel to rescue those soldiers and get them back to England.

Everyday people went into an impossible situation and rescued heroes, in turn, becoming heroes themselves.

338,226 soldiers were saved by shuttling them from the beaches and the water to 39 different British Naval destroyers. Most of them sailed all the way back with their boats filled with people.

But Their Finest really isn’t about that.

The British Ministry of Information, Film Division needed to produce something to boost the morale of the public. This was the time of the Blitz and people were losing hope. They chose the story of Dunkirk to do so.

Mrs. Cole was hired to write the ‘slop’ or female-related parts.  She was a breath of fresh air and was good at her job. She turned slop to gold. Trying to stick with the truth, she and the other writers were ordered to take some British Hollywood liberties to get the job done.

The cast was so entertaining while really getting across how during the day people lived with a life goes on approach to ordinary lives while at night time trying to find safety from falling bombs to stay alive. They never knew what they would find when they resurfaced every morning.

I really enjoyed this movie. You bonded with the characters and their situations. Toward the end, it took a Nicholas Sparks turn and I bawled my face off for the remainder of the film and 20 minutes after it ended, but I still recommend it.


  • Gemma Atterton
  • Sam Caflin
  • Bill Nighy
  • Henry Goodman
  • Eddie Marsan
  • Helen McCrory
  • Rachael Stirling
  • Jeremy Irons


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