More Ways to Give to SE Texas Victims

These are wise words from my dear friend, Kirsten Brooks Young.  I met her when I lived in New York.  She is a fellow Texan and she has worked non-profit for years. If you've already donated and you want to do more, consider planning ahead: Set a reminder to send holiday cards to the first … Continue reading More Ways to Give to SE Texas Victims

Del Norte Tacos – Godley, Texas

I love Texas adventures.  Even in the smallest of towns, you can find the coolest places. My friend Lisa told me how great Del Norte Tacos are. I was on a separate adventure today and found myself near enough to Godley, Texas to stop and check it out. I think Godley, Texas is going to see me … Continue reading Del Norte Tacos – Godley, Texas

Cattlemen’s Steak House – Fort Worth, Texas

Sometimes a girl just needs some serious man-food.  When this happens to me, I head to Cattlemen’s for lunch. Pretty much everybody knows where it is, but not everyone has been. For over 70 years, Cattlemen’s has been serving up some damn good steaks to the residents and visitors of The Fort. Almost always, whoever … Continue reading Cattlemen’s Steak House – Fort Worth, Texas