A much-welcomed break to the Summer blockbuster madness, I really enjoyed “Landline”.

Set in New York City in 1995, it seemed quite current, aside from the lack of cell phones.

The youngest daughter is trying to figure out who she is, the parents are still basically trying to figure out what they want, and the oldest daughter is reluctant to joyfully move forward with her upcoming wedding.

Brutally honest, but somehow not as offensive as you would have normally thought, the comedy bits will have you laughing out loud.  There was some cringing and some emotional parts too, but it won me over with laughter.

Such a solid cast.  I think John Turturro is fantastic in anything he shows up for.  Edie Falco is spot-on and Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn are golden.  Mixed all together, you watch this family and despite their differences and obstacles, you want to be a part of it.


  • John Turturro
  • Edie Falco
  • Abby Quinn
  • Jenny Slate
  • Jay Duplass 

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