Ray Charles

Meet Ray Charles.

RC 1

I found him on Friday, August 10, 2017, in the middle of Northside Drive.  I almost got hit twice trying to save him.

I took him straight to the vet.  They called me about 2 hours later with an extremely grim prognosis.

He is 10-11 years old.  Fully blind in one eye, with limited sight in the other.  His hearing is deteriorating.  He is heartworm positive.  He has hookworms.  He is not neutered.  He is severely malnourished and appears to have not eaten in days.  His teeth are damaged. His hair appears to have been singed.

The shelters are full.

He is now my dog.  I love him very much.  I am going to make him happy and comfortable for the rest of his life.  He is a small dog, but he has a big life.

RC 3
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
RC 2
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing
RC 1
© 2017 Ricki K Ewing

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