Wind River

An FBI agent is sent to Wind River, Wyoming to investigate a young woman’s murder that occurred on an Indian Reservation.  She along with the town’s game tracker, work together to solve the mystery.

“Wind River” was excellent.

This is the best role I have seen Jeremy Renner in. He owns this part.

Elisabeth Olson’s character seems like a rookie, but she plays it wise beyond her years.

Graham Greene is flawless, as always.

This is not a fast paced action movie, but there is plenty of action and plenty to ponder.

Definitely, not the feel-good movie of the year, it touches on serious subject matter. Some of it is downright hard to watch.

You will come out of it learning some science. For instance, what happens to the body when someone runs through the extreme cold.

I dare you to not secretly root for the Mountain Lion at the conclusion.


  • Jeremy Renner
  • Elisabeth Olson
  • Graham Greene
  • Tantoo Cardinal

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