Chicks Traveling Solo – Just Do It

Do you have things you want to see or do but nobody can go with you?

Go by yourself.  It’s not as hard as one might think.

A big fear people have about going solo is the solitude.  I am rarely lonely and I always meet tons of people when I am on the road.  I have come to enjoy that peaceful silence that comes with being alone for a few days and I long for it when it is unavailable to me.  I have learned more about myself being by myself on my travels than I ever did being in the same place all the time pondering the meaning of life and my place in it. Not only are you an adventure, but also a journey of self-discovery.

Start out small.  Before you make that big trip alone, take a day trip. For example, you live in the country and say, you travel 40 miles to a bigger city (or vice versa). You see the differences from how you live and how these residents and maybe other visitors live.  You can learn a lot from them. Be open to that.  See something old.  Find something beautiful.  Learn some history.  You may try a new kind of food, or hear a language or accent that is unfamiliar to you.  You may pass a bar with music that you have never heard live before or see a street musician play one of your favorite songs.  Stop and check it out.  You may find out you don’t like beer, but wine or whiskey, or even tea is something you may want to explore more of.  Go back home and sleep in your own bed. That was fun and not very hard.  You gathered information and have new experiences.  Most surprising is the new appreciation you gained for how you live, what is unique about where you come from and the things you have to offer.

OK!  You have decided to make that big trip by yourself.  You are doing it!

Are you ready for this?  This is HUGE.  YOUR OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS.  Let’s think about that.  LIMITLESS OPTIONS.  That just about equals total freedom.

Settle down.  Don’t let this overwhelm you.  Think of it as a breath of fresh air.  Once you figure out your first step – where you are going – ideas will start flowing.

You do your own schedule and see what you want to see.  Within legal boundaries, you do what you want to do and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  The only things you have to compromise are the things you have no control over.  I find most of my compromises have been money or time-related – transportation schedules, hours of operation, can’t fit it all in a day or on this trip, etc.  As long as you get on that plane on time to come back home, you are pretty much free to do what you want.

Don’t second guess your decision to go on what-ifs.  It is not always going to be smooth sailing traveling alone, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Not-so-smooth sailing happens at home too – the problem solving is still the same.

The confidence you will gain is immeasurable.   You decided to do something on your own. You came up with the means and a plan to do it.  You ventured out of your comfort zone into the unknown. You created your own adventure.  You did it on your own.  You did it for you.

Worst case scenario?  You hated it.  But, at least now you know.

So, where do you want to go?

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