Depeche Mode – Global Spirit Tour – Dallas, Texas

The first time I saw Depeche Mode live was at Starplex on July 8, 1990.  I was a whole 6 weeks out of high school at that time.  Not even in this century if you really want to think about it, which I don’t, so I won’t.

Flash forward to Septemeber 22, 2017.  The boys are back with their Global Spirit Tour and so am I.

Just like long ago, the place was packed – even more so.  The smell of sweat, beer and weed permeated the scene.


The band is older now and with all the years of substance abuse, it shows.  They still sound incredible and Dave Gahan’s flawless voice echoed way past the boundaries of Starplex.  He still has some damn sexy moves too.

The crowd was my age or older.  It was nice to see some younger fans, appreciating what I have loved almost my entire life.

Old interlaced with newer and then brand new songs, the setlist had a little something for everyone.  The five-song encore was the cherry on top.  I had to leave before they covered David Bowie’s “Heroes”, which I am so sad I missed.

If you have a chance, try to make it to this Tour.


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