Chicks Traveling Solo – Perks

You should never ever expect special treatment because you are female or because you are a female traveling alone.  With that being said, sometimes it does happen.

Here are some perks I have experienced first hand while flying solo:

  • In restaurants, I have seldom ever had to wait for a table. Often, a drink or dessert was comped.
  • I went to EPCOT alone. I was moved up to the front of the line for almost every attraction and was given premium seating to the show at the end of the day.
  • Once at the Louvre, there was a guard at a post in front of a closed off room filled with statues. When he saw me peeking in, he removed the rope and allowed me to wander as long as I wanted. I had it all to myself.
  • I was given a private tour of a castle closed for the season by the butler of The Duke of Northumberland.
  • I have been upgraded to first class on several occasions.
  • I have gotten hotel upgrades.
  • I have gotten a $10 theater ticket before. It was a partially obstructed view on the front row. They only had 1. The play starred Quinten Tarantino and Marissa Tomei and the only thing I was obstructed from seeing was behind the curtain, stage left. The people on the very back row paid $75 a seat.

It’s always exciting when a positive unexpected event happens.

Have you ever experienced any unexpected travel perks?


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