Magic Etc. – Fort Worth, Texas

Part of The Blog Cabin’s 31 Days of Spooky Fun 2017 Series

Going into Magic Etc. is so freakin’ fun!

This is THE one stop shop for all your Halloween needs.

First of all, they have the biggest disco ball I have ever seen. It’s huge.  So fun.


Do you need a costume?  If you cannot find one from here, you are hopeless.  Just put a white sheet over your head and go.  OR, you can come here and put in a little or a lot of effort and create something super cool.






They have masks, make-up, wigs, fangs, clown noses, gogo boots in every color, pirate boots, flapper dresses, costume sets, masquerade supplies, steampunk accessories, fake blood, latex for skin, costumes to buy, costumes to rent, hosiery, tiaras, hats, magic supplies and fog machines, and club lights.  They have life-size decorations.  Scary stuff, fun stuff, cute stuff.



I could spend all day in here.  Your options are endless.  They also have attire or rentals for Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras and just about any other holiday you want to incorporate a costume into.



Magic supplies abound and you cannot drag me away when they are doing a demonstration.


They also have puppets.  They creep me out so I don’t hang out there too long.


If you have never been, you have to come check it out.  If you have been, you have to come experience it again.  They for sure have something new you have never seen.

Monday – Saturday  10AM–7PM
Sunday 12–6PM

2007 N Forest Park Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Location:  32.73902, -97.35241

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