The Crown Season 2 – Netflix

After watching Season 1 of The Crown, I was hoping that Season 2 would be able to hold a candle to it.  Season 1 was so original and I learned so much about Britain after WWII that I had no idea about – for instance, the Great Smog of 1952.

Season 2 has exceeded my expectations.

What seems at first to be a Philip intensive season turned out to be just that and so much more.

You learn the history of Philip as a child.  Privileged, tragic, and a bit shocking, it was all new information to me.

Margaret continues her wild rebellious ways whilst still trying to find a husband.  I admire her spirit, but sometimes her self-centeredness makes me want someone to just haul off and bitch slap her.

The Queen Mum dances in a congo line and on another occasion gets drunk on beer.  She’s fun.

Edward makes an appearance this season and vies for attention, on the sly of course.

Tommy saves the day a few times.

US politics, The Suez Canal, a trip to Ghana, a few pregnancies, the Soviets (more than once) and a few Prime Ministers all concern Queen Elizabeth this season.  But her biggest challenge is to keep British tradition and bring the Monarchy into the fast-changing modern world all while keeping the Crown relevant.

This show has an all-around solid talented cast.  In her acting ability, Claire Foy is a goddess playing a Queen.  And she totally nails it.


  • Claire Foy
  • Matt Smith
  • Victoria Hamilton
  • Vanessa Kirby


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