Atomic Liquors – Las Vegas, Nevada

Atomic Liquors received the 5th liquor license in Las Vegas, the first place aside from casinos to do so.  It is the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas.

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Located Downtown on Freemont Street, it is some distance from the lights and noise at the other end.

Freemont Street and Downtown, in general, has gone through some major changes lately.  For a few decades, it was a part of town you wouldn’t want to venture to.  Now there are hip restaurants and bars, impressive street art and many places to explore well worth your time.

I was actually the first customer of the day and got to have some great conversation with Andrew, the bartender.  If you happen to be there when he is, tip him well – he knows his stuff and has tons of cool stories.

The place started out as a restaurant in the 40’s.  In the 50’s, after they closed, the owners, family, and friends would sit on the roof and watch the mushroom clouds caused by the Atomic Testing Center, 60 miles away in the desert.  They eventually turned the restaurant into a bar and packaging operation.

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Recently renovated, but with many things left to preserve the original historic value, Atomic Liquors is a great place to kick back and chill out. Under the bar is padded now and it’s like a soft cushion for your knees.

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A LARGE outside patio area is great for drinks and food, which they start serving next door at 5:00.

When the current owner was having the renovation done, they found a 25-pound circular metal object in the floor.  Under that was a time capsule.  They left it intact and covered it with acrylic.  You can look into the lighted area to see what was left.

In the off years, the place had a reputation for the worst restrooms in town.  Now they are stylish and clean.


The Rat Pack used to drink here.

Barbara Streisand had her own very special chair.

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Many celebrities, locals, and visitors visit this historic bar.  For those that follow lists, it is a top contender as far as Bucket List Bars go.

Tons of great beers and cocktails abound.  The menu constantly changes as they switch out the newest and best craft beers.

© 2018 Ricki K Ewing
© 2018 Ricki K Ewing

I chose a stout from the Modern Times brewery out of San Diego called Haunted Stars.  With rye, coffee, and almonds, it was flavorful and strong.  I enjoyed it.

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Busch beer is the last on the list.  I asked Andrew how many people order Busch when such a fine selection is offered.  He said they sell more Busch beer than any other place in Nevada.  Go figure.

If you feel you shouldn’t drive or walk far after your visit, there is a motel across the street.  If you happened to bring your llama, they stay free.

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Monday: 4pm-2am
Tuesday: 4pm-2am
Wednesday: 4pm-2am
Thursday: 2pm-3am
Friday: 2pm-4am
Saturday: 12pm-4am
Sunday: 12pm-2am

Kitchen Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5pm-12am
Thursday: 5pm-2am
Friday: 5pm-2am
Saturday: 5pm-2am
Sunday: 5pm-12am

917 Fremont St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 982-3000
Location:  36.16683, -115.13549
Facebook: /atomiclasvegas
Twitter: @atomicdtlv
Instagram: @atomicliquors
Snapchat: atomicliquors

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