Coming Soon to Ricki’s Blog Cabin

Some of the things you will soon read about on Ricki’s Blog Cabin, so please sign up now:

• How to pack for 3 continents – 4 countries – 5 major cities with just a carry-on
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Fabulous Art Deco Buildings and some of their secrets in New York City
• WWII in Munich
• Beer
• A church in a cave
• Real old stuff in Cairo
• Hanging with The Pope
• A lesson on the Italian Renaissance and the spotlight on Bernini
• We will cover a wide assortment of religions and something cool about each of them
• Pasta, gelato, falafel, hummus, schnitzel, spätzle, strudel, wine and Tea at The Russian Tea Room
• Facetime with your pet(s)

New York – Munich – Cairo – Rome – Florence

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