The Russian Tea Room – New York City, New York

This place is legendary.

Originally founded by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet, you know you are in the midst of something big as soon as you walk in.

There is history here.  Most of it good, some of it infamous, some of it so secret they didn’t even write down the reservation. Madonna worked in the cloakroom here in 1982.  One Russian leader of the past danced on the tables with his comrades at one of the Russian Imperial Ballet after parties.

If these walls could talk, they would also tell of business deals, engagements, after funeral get-togethers, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions – milestones in people’s lives.


Red leather, original artwork, a golden ceiling, dark green walls – all this adorned by golden firebirds in flight, your eyes cannot stop roaming.  It is hard to take it all in, so just concentrate on a section at a time.  And take your time.


I was here for a midweek Afternoon Tea.

Here is the current menu:


You only live once.  I went for the Oolong Tea and the Moët & Chandon Rosé.

Sandwiches and Blinis

My favorite was the Shrimp salad with rémoulade.  Turkey was a very very very very close 2nd.



  • Assorted seasonal scones, cupcakes and petits fours.

Every part of this was so good, but the Chocolate Chip Scone reined supreme with me.  I put some of those cherries on it and OMG.


The staff here is so very nice and gracious.  They made pleasant conversation with me from the time I walked in the door until the time I left.  They even obliged my request to see The Bear Room.  It was absolutely magical.

As if the bear was not cool enough already, I giggled with delight when I saw that it’s actually a fish tank.


If you have business to take care of or not, definitely go to the restroom here.  There is an impressive collection of Faberge eggs and nesting dolls in the hallway outside.


The Russian Tea Room

150 W 57th St/
New York, NY 10019

(212) 581-7100

Location:  40.76494, -73.97943


  1. Ricki,

    This is my favorite place that you have reviewed so far. I so want to take A there some day. Love the case with the nesting dolls – my collection is not as impressive.


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