The Hudson Hotel – New York City, New York

The Hudson Hotel is part of the exclusive sbe Group, which have hotels in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Miami. Incredibly talented and creative, their team of architects, chefs, and designers make your stay luxurious yet fun.  Lenny Kravitz (I just think he is the greatest) and his team at Kravitz Design Inc. are currently working on the design at SLS South Beach.

The Hudson Hotel is an ultra-hip boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

The building was constructed in 1929 and the hotel opened in 2000. Lead by French designer Phillipe Starck, The Hudson uses the original exposed brick and ductwork of the building to give it a historic look and a modern feel.  A mere 4-minute walk to Central Park South gives it a prime well sought after location.

Probably not the best choice of a hotel to stay in for claustrophobics, the rooms are very cozy (definition = EXTREMELY small even for NYC standards) and designed to give a feeling of being in an upscale Transatlantic ship’s cabin. Mission accomplished.

The lovely West African cherry wood paneling and flooring makes it a bit dark, but the close-to-reach lamps by British X-ray photographer Nick Veasey help shine some light in the coolest way possible. It was really warm and quiet and I slept like a baby.  I was by myself and didn’t need any more room than I had.

The basement gym has up to date equipment but no windows.

But even for people with an affliction to tight spaces, there are many reasons to visit the Hudson even if you are not staying there.

The flagship Umami Burger is all the rage and the Library Bar offers billiards and cocktails.

If you need a little nature break in the midst of the urban metropolis, there is a small garden area. It has a really neat larger than life watering can in the middle.  I sat and pondered how I could fit one into my life.


On the 15th-floor sits a rooftop terrace with live trees, hammocks and comfy chairs to lounge in while checking out the panoramic city and Hudson River views.

Mirroring Las Vegas, you must now pay a resort fee which covers Wi-fi and the use of the gym.  Yes, you have to pay whether you use them or not.

4 things I loved the most:

  • The lamps in the room


  • The lobby – it is green and glass and brick and had fancy chandeliers and the wood trim along the front desk looked like it came straight out of Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  That may sound nerdy, but I wave my Nerd flag proudly.


  • The location and the deli on the corner
  • The staff.  Everyone was really nice and helpful.  I want to give a shout out to Jade at the front desk.  She was knowledgeable, kind, and had a great sense of humor.  I asked her how to get to a certain destination and she was very thorough in giving directions.  I saw her the next morning and ran up to the desk and said, “Jade!  I went last night and it was so cool!”  She said, “Girl, I turned you loose and didn’t even worry.  I knew you would get there.  Some people, I give them a map and directions, and all I can do is pray.”

Thanks, Jade.  You freakin ROCKED!

And so did The Hudson Hotel.

Hudson Hotel

358 W 58th St.
New York, NY 10019

(212) 554-6000

40.76823, -73.98491




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