Egyptian Museum – Cairo, Egypt


This is the motherload.


Over the years, I have heard it called a few different things.  The Egyptian Antiquities Museum, The Egyptian History Museum and now The Egyptian Museum.

I have dreamed of going here since I was 9 years old, thank you, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Egyptian Museum houses over 120,000 Egyptian treasures.

First, let’s talk about atmosphere.



The building is a terra cotta color.  When you enter the massive ornate iron gates, you are in the midst of lawns and gardens that surround numerous Egyptian statues.  They are the real deal, not replicas.


Enter the massive wooden doors with the cool lion handles (I do love a unique giagantic door).


You walk into the building and clear the standard modern-day security check.  Walk past that and it exceeds your imagination of what you thought it would be like.


Well laid out and easy to maneuver, you behold a plethora of priceless works and artifacts packed in the building, yet your personal space is never invaded.  No view is ever obstructed and there are times where I felt completely alone to meander about.

The building is not air-conditioned but there are fans everywhere.  Three stories tall loaded with ancient history, this is THE place where Indiana Jones would be doing his research.

All the gods you have heard of are represented.  Anubis (god of the dead), Horus (god of war, sky, and falcons), Ra (the sun god), Osiris (god of the underworld and the afterlife), Isis (goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and protection), and my personal favorite to see, Bast (cat goddess), not to mention dozens of others.


Towering pharaohs eternally guard the immense wealth before them.


There is a section with nothing but mummies.


One of my favorite things was this pristine chariot.


There is an entire mint of gold here.



Pay attention to the details and don’t overlook the small stuff.

There is meaning behind every single symbol and picture in this place.


I literally could have spent days here, but time was limited.

A perfect reason to go back to Cairo.

Hours:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily

Admission Fees:

CASH ONLY (ATM on property)

Foreigners 120 EGP (Approximately $6.70 USD/€5.68 EUR)
Egyptians 10 EGP
Foreign Students 60 EGP (Approximately $3.35 USD/€2.84 EUR)
Egyptian Students 5 EGP

Egyptian Museum

15 Meret Basha
Ismailia, Qasr an Nile
Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Location:  30.04784, 31.23364


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