New England Halloween Extravaganza – Coming Soon To Ricki’s Blog Cabin

My next big adventure coming up is a New England Halloween Extravaganza Road Trip.

We will be visiting a famous uber-creepy haunted house that has been known to possess its occupants.

Tour Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow – live like a Rockefeller for a few hours – see thousands of jack-o-lanterns totally lit – visit a tiny church with Chagall windows and Matisse’s last work –  see a headless guy on a REAL horse – take a lantern lit cemetery tour.

In Philadelphia, we will see one of the most valuable private art collections in the country, which I saw for the first time in The Fort – meet Rocky at the top of the steps – see some incredible street art – explore an old abandoned prison – get some serious History goin on – See E.A. Poe’s house and meet THE raven that inspired the famous story.

On the way to Boston, we will visit the Lizzie Bordon House and maybe, with a little luck, a surprise museum of curiosities.

Halloween will be spent In Salem.  We will be visiting more history in Boston and weather permitting, some whale watching.

Foodies, get ready.  Philly cheesesteaks, Greek food from the largest Greek community outside Athens and my former hood in NYC, hearty breakfasts, pizzas, pierogis, Asian Fusion, Italian and Mexican food, lobster rolls, BBQ in Philadelpia (I know, WTF, Ricki?, but I’m tellin you it looks legit), bad ass coffee – Oh this is HUGE – a cannoli cream filled doughnut.

Some of these food establishments have the coolest names you have never heard of.  But, you’re fixin to.


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