Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Glendale, California

 Part of The Blog Cabin’s 31 Days of Spooky Fun 2017 Series   When I was younger, cemeteries terrified me.  Now, they fascinate me.   Nowhere else can you get so much history, see some great art, or find such peace in a single stop. This past May, my friend and I visited Forest Lawn … Continue reading Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Glendale, California

St. Michael’s Church – Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not so much a walking city as it is a city for those that like to wander. Everywhere you look; left, right, forward, behind you, or straight up, there is something beautiful to see. Rich in history, music, and art of all medias, this city captivates me. I love it when this happens. … Continue reading St. Michael’s Church – Vienna, Austria