Holiday Tea at The Adolphus Hotel – Dallas, Texas

I have been trying to get a coveted reservation for Oh, Christmas Tea for about 8 years now.  Beginning October 1st each year, reservations open for the Holiday Tea. They are usually sold out within hours.  This year, I scored! One of the most prestigious hotels in Texas, The Adolphus was built by the famous beer … Continue reading Holiday Tea at The Adolphus Hotel – Dallas, Texas

Hannibal (2013 – 2015)

Part of The Blog Cabin’s 31 Days of Spooky Fun 2017 Series Pre-Agent Starling, "Hannibal" focuses on the relationship between Dr. Lector and Will Graham. Will Graham is a kind soul.  He picks up every stray dog he sees and lost his job as an agent because he just couldn't pull the trigger when he … Continue reading Hannibal (2013 – 2015)

Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. – Dallas, Texas

This should seriously be considered the world's most comforting food. Ooey gooey melted cheese between 2 slices of buttered grilled bread.  Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. has that and much more.  You can get a classic grilled cheese or some gourmet sandwiches, depending on your mood. We started off with pretzel coated fried mozzarella cheese.  Served with … Continue reading Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. – Dallas, Texas

Le Pavillon Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

In New Orleans on the corner of Poydras and Barrone is a 10 story hotel on the National Register of Historic Places that just oozes history. In 1907, the building was opened as a hotel. It was renamed 6 years later. During the Time of Prohibition, the hotel was popular with dignitaries and the rich … Continue reading Le Pavillon Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

Napoleon House – New Orleans, Louisiana

I love this place. While sitting at the Napoleon House you can get lost in time - maybe the present, maybe centuries ago. With all the history in this one location, Time deserves a few minutes of yours for reflection in a place like this. The Napoleon House is a unique 200-year-old landmark. The first … Continue reading Napoleon House – New Orleans, Louisiana

Arnaud’s – New Orleans, Louisiana

In New Orleans, the Three Grand Dames of French Quarter dining are Antoine's, Galatoire's and Arnaud's. All three are on my Foodie Bucket List. Since I was only going to be in town 1 day, I could only pick 1 for this visit and it was going to be for Sunday Brunch. I messaged my … Continue reading Arnaud’s – New Orleans, Louisiana

Casablanca Coffee – Fort Worth, Texas

The signs on the outside only say COFFEE. Casablanca Coffee has been open for almost 10 years.  Located in Downtown Fort Worth, but far away from the vibrant Sundance Square area, this place deserves a visit. Although it was busy when I was there, you are under the impression you have stumbled upon a hidden … Continue reading Casablanca Coffee – Fort Worth, Texas

Chicks Traveling Solo – Let’s Prepay That Trip

This post is not just for chicks traveling solo.  It can be for guys traveling solo, or family travel or for anyone, really. Almost always, I look at a trip I want to take and then look at the total cost of it and it is so disheartening.  I question whether I can do it … Continue reading Chicks Traveling Solo – Let’s Prepay That Trip