Mamaw was a good cook.

My mom is a good cook.

I have spent the majority of my life in Texas.

You can see how I learned the appreciation of food at an early age.  The older I got, the more adventurous I became.

There are still some foods I should like, but I just don’t.  I don’t care for sushi, I refuse to eat veal (the whole meat thing is a constant inner conflict with me), I’m not a big fan of gamey foods.  I like some spice in my food, but painfully spicy is not really fun for me and I like to breathe.

That being said, I will try just about anything.  Maybe I will surprise myself and love something new.

Here is some of the great food I have found.

Fort Worth Restaurants


Drew’s Place

Gypsy Scoops

Meso Maya


West Side Cafe

Texas Restaurants

Mercat Bistro – Dallas, TX

Snow’s Barbecue LLC – Lexington, TX

USA Restaurants

European Restaurants