I Love My Pets



Sookie Lynn

If any dog was ever meant for me, it is Sookie.  She is as much like me as anyone ever could be.

Sookie came from a puppy mill in North Texas. At 8 weeks old she already appeared defeated. If she had not been rescued by the Humane Society of North Texas, she would have been bred repeatedly and then sold to a medical lab for testing when she was no longer of any use.

I love this dog with all my heart.




My nephew, Sookie, and I were on a road trip.  This particular day, we were driving from Vicksburg to Jackson, Mississippi for lunch.  We saw 2 dogs in the median in the middle of the freeway.  We were going 75mph at the time and couldn’t stop.

Jason and I thought about those 2 dogs all during lunch and it weighed heavy on us.  I made a deal with him if they were still there, we would stop and get them.  They were.

The other dog ran off safely into the woods.  Jackson laid down when a trucker honked at him so Jason scooped him up and put him in the car.

He was in bad shape.  His collar was as hard as concrete and was lacerating his neck.  He had ticks and his ear was torn and he had an infection in both ears.

We were supposed to go to New Orleans the next day, but we drove back to Fort Worth that night to get him to the vet.

Today he is the happiest and most loving dog.  He’s my little boy.  We are so lucky to have found him.



Both of my city kitties were adopted from Bideawee in Midtown, New York City in 2001.  They were both young and on the streets during 9/11. Both have respiratory issues because of this.



My baby kitty. Isis (named after and Egyptian goddess, not the terrorist group) is the sweetest cat on this planet.  The only female feline of the household, she seems timid most of the time.  Honestly, all the males are scared to death of her.

She was dumped in a garbage bin right outside the rescue.  A sanitation worker found her right before they were about to compact the garbage and brought her in.  After all that she is still so trusting.

She sleeps with me every night.  When I turn over, she gets up and walks around to me so she can lie in my arms.


Elwood Roe Wilson

Elwee is my sweet boy.  He is so handsome and soft.

Found wandering around as a kitten just after 9/11, he was taken to the rescue.  When my roommate Robert and I were looking for a cat, Elwood literally stuck his arm out of the cage and waved us down.

He was not very social when we first got him. One day out of nowhere, that all changed.  Anytime there is company, he comes out to pay a visit.  He trills when he talks.  He is a charmer.  I love him so much.

Elwood loves Christmas time and is so content under the Christmas tree.  It makes my heart happy.




Walker Texas Ranger

Named by my Mamaw, Walker Texas Ranger is the neighborhood tough cat.  There is a cat up the street that looks like Hitler.  Kitler and Walker meet in the street and fight at least once a week.  It is like an Old West showdown.

He is solid black and he walks like a panther. Graceful and precise, he is a hunter extraordinaire.  He brings me his trophies at least once a week.  As much as it hurts my heart for the little victims, I always make a big deal over it because he is so proud.

Walker showed up on our front porch during a thunderstorm.  I let him in the house and he huddled in the corner until after the storm.  He wanted OUT.  But, he was back the next day.  There was no way we were not keeping him.

As it turns out the neighbors on the street behind us moved.  They abandoned him.  He went back there every day for about 3 years.  It was heartbreaking.

Now he is so happy.  He knows he has a home.  Sookie is his best friend and he cleans her ears every night before bed.



My cat Miss Kitty lived to be 21 years old.  She was the meanest cat and I loved her dearly.  I was still mourning her death 4 months after the fact.  I was sitting on my porch and I looked across the yard and I saw Miss Kitty.  I thought I was going nuts but the cat came up to me.  I gave it some food.  I went inside and got some iced tea and sat down on the couch and that cat jumped in my lap.  I don’t know how she got in and she was so pretty and sweet, so we kept her.

A few weeks later, I took Gingee to the vet to get spayed.  The doctor called me at work and I flipped out with worry.  He asked me where I got her and I told him the story and he said she was on the table and opened up.  She was a neutered male.

I thought newly found out neutered male deserved a super tough name after all that and now he is Thundercat.  He is still just beautiful and sweet.  He is a big un.  We love him.



Look at him and his wee boots.

I found Boots (Daryl Dixon is his Christian name) in terrible shape.  He was disoriented and stumbling in the middle of the street when I rounded the corner on the way home.  I pulled over and put him in the passenger seat, turned around and headed toward the vet.

His eyes were matted shut with infection, he could barely breathe from the congestion in his nose and something like a hawk had ripped the top of his head open.  As bad as he felt, he rolled over and gave me his tummy to rub.  I was completely smitten then.

I was warned by the vet’s office he might not make it.  He was dehydrated and had not eaten in quite a while – he couldn’t smell or see to find food or water.  I told them I didn’t care what the cost, DO NOT let that cat die.

$1,200 later and he was and still is as healthy as a champion racehorse.  He is full of personality and quite the master thief and architect when it comes to yarn.

Man, I love this cat.



The latest addition to the family is Robby.

I worked with a gentleman at my current office that was the kindest, coolest, most interesting man I have ever known.   He was a big animal lover like me.  He fell ill a few years ago. I told his family that when his time came, I would take Roy and Robby, his Maine Coon cats.  Much to my sadness, his family contacted me in January of this year.

My lovely, heart-as-big-as-a-galaxy friend Ashley was kind enough to give Roy a home.

Robby came home to live with me.

He is big and fluffy and loving and sweet and he loves my mom and follows her around everywhere she goes.

We love him and I think about Mr. Stevenson every time I pet him – both make me smile.

Ray Charles

RC 1

I found him on Friday, August 10, 2017, in the middle of Northside Drive.  I almost got hit twice trying to save him.

I took him straight to the vet.  They called me about 2 hours later with an extremely grim prognosis.

He is 10-11 years old.  Fully blind in one eye, with limited sight in the other.  His hearing is deteriorating.  He is heartworm positive.  He has hookworms.  He is not neutered.  He is severely malnourished and appears to have not eaten in days.  His teeth are damaged. His hair appears to have been singed.

The shelters are full.

He is now my dog.  I love him very much.  I am going to make him happy and comfortable for the rest of his life.  He is a small dog, but he has a big life.