My mom has always called me her Little Gypsy. Nothing makes me feel more alive than when I am traveling.

I consider myself to be quite spontaneous, but you still need to be prepared.  1 hour of good research could change your trip into an adventure.

Here are some of my favorite resources

A Lady in London and Traveling the World

This chick is my blogging and traveling hero.  An American from California now living in London (one of my favorite cities on the planet), she travels vastly, often, and well.  She has great tips and is constantly finding the unique wherever she goes.  Very inspiring.


Atlas Obscura

If you are searching for the unique, Atlas Obscura does a lot of the legwork for you.  You will find things you never even knew existed, and will then plan a quest to see them for yourself.


To get fare estimates on Taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc., use Ride Guru.